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Isabel Palethorpe is a singer, songwriter and scientist based in Sydney. She has spent a large part of her life singing - in choirs and musicals, but also while doing the washing up with her sisters, with cousins on camping trips, while walking on the beach and while rocking babies to sleep. This has given her a great love of vocal harmonies, which resonates through her music.

The new album Oxytocin & Adrenaline is crafted with a loving touch. Backed by Isabel's distinctive piano riffs and a vibrant blend of guitar, bass and drums, the vocals are warm and evocative as they convey the all-important story of each song. Many of the arrangements feature strings, brass or woodwinds, creating a rich sound and sometimes bringing a flavour of blues or folk.

Isabel is also the founder and director of community choir the Challis Singers, and is a member of bands Sass & Grit and Adder's Fork.

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